Saturday, July 11, 2009

No News Isn't Really Good News

After my fourth week of applying for jobs, I have received only a single response.  This glint of employment possibility is for a tutoring position at a local elementary school.  Otherwise, I have received little other news from the 6 positions I applied for this week or from 30 of the other positions I have applied for in the past month.  At this point, an outright rejection would feel more satisfying than simply not receiving any indication from the employer of whether or not I am even being considered for the position.  The lack of a response has been more agonizing than the rejections.  I anxiously check my email numerous times a day in the hopes that someone in some human resources department out there has received my plea for employment.  The virtual job search does not seem to be effective.  It may be time for me to revive some good old fashioned networking skills.

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