Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Post College, Pre-Employment, In Transition

On a rainy Saturday morning 26 days I ago, I received my bachelor's degree in history. In my dripping graduation gown, with a political science major to my left and an economics major to my right, I congratulated myself for studying a subject that I was passionate about.  I have found the leap from passion to profession to be a perilous one in an economic climate as gloomy as that of my graduation day. 
If I could receive as many job offers as sympathy and well-wishes from family and friends in the past month, I would likely be employed.  Unfortunately, the 9.5% unemployment rate hasn't been as kind.  This pre-employment, post college status deserves some kind of title.  Employment seeking consultant perhaps?  Maybe a job procurement specialist? How about something more active like job ranger? What exactly do you call a person that is no longer a student but has yet to become a member of the work force?  

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  1. Hmmm... that is a good question. I'm pretty sure the department of labor qualifies us as non-existent (I could be wrong). After all, you are only considered unemployed after you enter the workforce and then sometime after that no longer have a job. How about Job Availability Expert? Unqualified Employment Specialist? Job Network Researcher? Homeless? I don't know.